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S6025 Fluid Level Switch

S6062A Control Valve Actuator

S6062A series actuator matches with valve body, which can regulate the fluid flow, aim to system constant temperature, constant pressure, constant humidity, widely used in HVAC application.

S6062A Control Valve Actuator

Features of S6062A Control Valve Actuator

  1. Die-casting aluminum bracket and ABS cover
  2. Actuator can meet different pressure demand
  3. Synchronous motor, equip with shut power function, it can open at any position due to supply stable torque
  4. forward and reversal control setting meet different valve body

Installation and Cautions of S6062A Control Valve Actuator

1. Reserve enough space for maintenance during installation.

2. The wiring shall comply with the national electrical construction specification, and conducted in the case of power off.

3. The actuator should not be covered by thermal insulation material to prevent it from heat dissipation.

4. Vertical installation should be given priority, and inclined or horizontal installation can be adopted in special occasions, but support and fixation should be added when the volume, weight and vibration are too large.

5. Manual valves are recommended to be installed at both ends of the control valve to facilitate maintenance. During use, grease should be added regularly for three or four months.

6. When the installation position of the control valve is not indicated on the design drawing, the control valve is generally installed on the return water pipe.

Installation Diagram of S6062A Control Valve Actuator


1. Insert the actuator into valve stem


2. Tight two screws use hex key


3. Use manual lever to adjust the stroke, then put gasket into slot, last tight the nut

Attention: the assemble must vertical between actuator and valve body

Dimension of S6062A Control Valve Actuator


Manual Operation:

1. Insert handle

2. Rotate “UP” and “DOWN”.

Technical Parameter of S6062A Control Valve Actuator

Item No. S6062A-DV S6062A-FV S6062A-MV
Voltage AC220±15% AC24V±15% AC24V±15%
Power 16VA
Input Signal on off Floating 0-10VDC/4-20mA
Feedback Signal ——- —— 0-10VDC/4-20mA
Act Speed(mm/s) 0.20(50Hz)
Max. Stroke(mm) 44mm
Output Force(N) 2500/4000/5000
End Connection Buckle
Height(mm) 379
Weight(kgs) 4.7

Environment Temperature: -5℃~55℃ 2.Storage Temperature:-2℃~85℃ 3. Protect Class: IP 44



Modulating Wiring of S6062A Control Valve Actuator



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