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S6025 Fluid Level Switch

S6063B Control Valve

One-time hot forging brass valve body, higher density. Intensity 5 times than casting ones.

No button cover valve body design.

Stem with 4 layer sealing protection, extend usage life.

S6063B Control Valve

Technical Data of S6063B Control Valve

○ Nominal Pressure: 2.0Mpa

○ Valve body material: Forged Brass

○ End Connection: Threaded ISO7-1

○ Leakage: 0. 0.04% kvs

○ Flow Characteristic: A-B Equal Percentage,C-B Linear

○ Medium Temperature: Chilled/Hot water 2°C~90°C


Valve Flow Diagram of S6063B Control Valve


3-way valve body can be used mixing valve (port B and C is input, port A is output) or diverting valve (port A is input, port B and C is output).


Flow Characteristic of S6063B Control Valve


Dimensions of S6063B Control Valve







2-way 3-way
DN20 69 93 19 44
DN25 80 93 22 48
DN32 92 93 28 53
DN40 110 94 31 55
DN50 125 99 38 63
DN65 150 107 48


Installation of S6063B Control Valve


Attention: Valve install downward forbid.

Valve can be installed onto supply or return pipe, in general, it recommend to install onto return pipe(it is better to control the water flow stable, and extend the use life of valve due to lower temperature of return water), meanwhile recommend to install filter and return valve before it.


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