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SOLOON Central HVAC Room Thermostat

Types of (HVAC) Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor

Types of (HVAC) Central Air Conditioner Thermostat

  • FCU thermostat is a temperature-sensing device that automatically keeps the controlled part in a certain temperature range by the open or closed circuit under normal operation. The operating temperature of the fan coil unit thermostat is only fixed or adjustable. FCU thermostat is designed for heating and cooling HVAC applications and Building Automation Systems. Both manual and automatic changeover models of thermostat FCU include a provision for a remote thermistor temperature sensor. The thermostat for FCU adopts the latest art modeling and microcomputer control technology to control the switch of the highly intelligent fan coil fan, electric valve, and electric air valve. Thermostat FCU with high, medium, low, automatic four adjustment control, cold and hot valve with switch control, can be refrigerated. The heating and ventilation of the three modes of switching use is the feature of the fan coil thermostat. We guarantee fan coil unit thermostats provided by us are of high quality with easy installation.

FAQ of (HVAC) Air Conditioning Sensors

FAQ of Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Thermastat

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    What is thermostat?

    A Thermostat is a control that tells the Heating and Cooling System when to Heat or Cool or do nothing.

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    What does a smart thermostat do?

    Smart thermostats do more than manage your home's heating and cooling. These app-enabled smart home devices make it possible to adjust your thermostat from your phone whether you're on the couch, at the grocery store or on vacation -- anywhere your phone or mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

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