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SOLOON HVAC Air Duct Motorised Damper Actuators

HVAC Control Valves and Actuators

What is HVAC Air Duct Damper Actuator?

HVAC air duct damper actuator is a kind of powered device used to operate a damper and adjust the flow of air and smoke, which are commonly used in general ventilation systems. They can be controlled by 2/3points or modulating. Torques from 2NM to 40NM are selectable. The 24V or 230V HVAC damper actuator is optionally widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and other building automatic control systems. HVAC Air duct damper actuator can be installed on the production site directly, even under harsh working conditions. After installing, the damper can be adjusted open and close through the driver with many options for actuator voltage and torque. Maintaining normal operation of the HVAC damper actuator directly affects the safety and reliability of the automatic ventilation or water adjustment system.
Types of (HVAC) Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor

Types of HVAC Air Duct Damper Actuator

  • In accordance with the type of explosion-proof HVAC, an explosion-proof damper actuator is used for automation of air dampers, fire, and smoke dampers, volume control as well as for ball valves, throttle valves, and other quarter-turn armatures. The explosion-proof actuator has a variety of applications in different fields such as electric systems, compressors, draught fans, and so on. The explosion-proof actuator is applied for opening and closing the explosion-proof HVAC. Potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), approved for gases and mists are available for the explosion-proof damp actuators. What is more, the explosion-proof actuator is also likely to function in zones 1 and 2, and for dust in zones 21 and 22. As a reliable explosion-proof damper actuator manufacturer, we make promises for providing high-quality products as much as we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our explosion-proof actuators!

  • Fire smoke damper actuators are designed specifically for fire and smoke application during normal operation, the actuator motorized the damper. In the event of a fire emergency, the fire damper actuator springs back to its original position when there is a power outage or trip by the thermal sensor. In general, motorised fire damper actuator is open. When the smoke exhaust pipe temperature reaches 280 degrees in a fire emergency, the fire smoke damper actuator is closed. The fire smoke damper actuator plays a very important role in smoke isolation and fire resistance. Among all the fire damper actuator manufacturers, Soloon is reliable and professional with its high-quality products at a reasonable fire damper actuator price.

  • Quick Running damper actuators are specially designed and produced for applications in HVAC systems. SOLOON high-quality actuators have been designed for use with a fast running air damper and ball valve application. With open/close or modulating control, it widely used in laboratories and other sensitive areas.

  • Smoke damper actuators assemblies constructed to restrict the spread of smoke in HVAC systems that are designed to be automatically shut down in the event of a fire, or opened to control the movement of smoke within a building when the HVAC system is part of an engineered smoke control system.

  • Spring Return damper actuators are developed for general air damper application, rotary valve and other devices that require a fail-safe function. During normal operation, the actuator motorized the device. In the event of a power outage, the actuator springs back to its original position.

  • The standard damper actuator, also known as the non-fail-safe damper actuator, is specially designed for small and medium-sized air dampers. Because of its small size and flexible control, it is often used in places with limited space. Soloon standard damper actuators are specially designed for applications in the HVAC systems with a wide torque range (2nm to 40nm) suited for a variety of damper types and different sizes.

The HVAC Actuator Valve Working Principle

The Function of HVAC Air Duct Damper Actuator

The function of the HVAC damper actuator is to control the damper to fully open or close or to control it to open at a certain angle, or it can be adjusted in a certain angle range to control the air volume to meet the process requirements. As a key element of an HVAC system, a professional air damper actuator ensures that zone dampers function properly. Only by using an automatic zone damper controlled by an air duct damper actuator can the system regulate the amount of air the HVAC system produces. So it is widely used in the Fresh Air Handling Unit to open and close the damper when the fan starts and stops. In addition, it must be closed when a low-temperature alarm occurs. The air damper actuators in air-conditioning units are usually of a regulating type, basically, there are fresh air valves and return air valves; some units also have exhaust valves and air mixing valves. It is mainly used to adjust the ratio of fresh air, return air, and exhaust air to meet indoor air quality requirements.
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