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S6025 Fluid Level Switch

S6056 Fan Coil Actuator-S6057 Series of Valves

The S6057 series of brass valves are primarily designed to regulate the flow of water in response to the demand of a controller in zone and fan coil applications. They can be used in combination with on/off series of S6056 fan coil actuators.

The valves are available in 2 way N.C. (Normally Closed) or 3-way configurations.

The S6056 electric on/off actuator provides two positions (open-closed) control. This compact, spring return actuator has 105N minimum seating force in a compact, easy-to-install package.

S6056 Fan Coil Actuator-S6057 Series of Valves

Operation Mode of S6056 Fan Coil Actuator-S6057 Series of Valves

Connecting power, the motor of the actuator drives other parts and overcomes the resistance from the spring and push the valve stem downwards. When power is off, return spring overcomes pressure from a medium, and push stem to close position.

Actuator drives stem moving downward and valve core overcomes resistance from stainless spring and moves away from the valve seat, open normally closed port.


Mounting of S6056 Fan Coil Actuator-S6057 Series of Valves


When assembling the fan coil driver with the S6057 series fan coil valve, the following requirements should be followed:

  • The water flow direction must be the same as the arrow direction on the valve body so that the valve core can block the water flow.
  • Valves and drivers must be installed within 90° of the vertical direction, without dripping water, easy for electrical installation
  • The valve must be connected to the water pipe with appropriate equipment.
  • Do not use the driver as a lever to move the valve body.
  • The driver should not use heat insulation material, and there should be at least 20mm space above it for assembly and disassembly.



Specification of S6056 Fan Coil Actuator-S6057 Series of Valves


Model S6056
Action On/off
Motor Synchronous stall motor
Operating Voltage AC220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 7VA
Acting Force 105N±10%(24Lb±10%)
Stroke Range 3mm~5mm
Full Stroke Time “on” Approx. 10s
Full Stroke Time “off” Approx. 5s
Protection IP40
Ambient Temperature Operation: +2 ~ 60℃, non condensing

Storage: -20 ~ 65℃, non condensing

Shipping Weight 0.43Kg


Specification of S6056 Fan Coil Actuator-S6057 Series of Valves


Model S6057-2XXX       2-way (normally closed)

S6057-3XXX       3-way

Body rating PN16 (1.6Mpa or 232psi )

max pressure resistance 300psi

Medium Hot or Cold Water for HVAC
Body size nominal 015 (1/2″) 020 (3/4″) 025 (1″)
Selectable Kv for 2-way 1.5 2.1 3.3
Selectable Kv for 3-way 1.0 2.3 3.6
Permitted pressure 0.2Mpa 0.2Mpa 0.1Mpa
Shipping Weight for 2-way (Kg) 0.26 0.42 0.67
Shipping Weight for 3-way (Kg) 0.31 0.48 0.80
Body Connection NPT or Parallel BSP (tapered)
Action On/off
Nominal Stroke 3.0mm
Materials Body: brass、Plug: synthetic rubber EPT

Packing ring: O-ring EPT、Stem: AISI 303 stainless steel、Spring: AISI 302 stainless

Medium temp. range 2~105℃
Ambient Temp. Range 2~60℃
Actuator S6056


Warning of S6056 Fan Coil Actuator-S6057 Series of Valves

  • Manual operation should not be over-force avoiding the damage of the actuator.
  • The water quality should meet VDI-2035 or similar requirements for HVAC applications. Other media for valve must be approved by Electronics.
  • The electric supply to the actuator should be shut off when repairing to avoid possible damage to the equipment, personal injury or shock.
  • Do not touch or disconnect wires when power is on.

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