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S6025 Fluid Level Switch

S6061SF-2.5Nm Fire Smoke Damper Actuator

The product is designed to use in HVAC professionals, especially specialized in a dangerous environments, such as explosive air and dust.

Explosion-proof Mark Ex db ⅡB T6 T5 Gb Ex TB IIIC T85°C Db, Application zone 1 and 2 Dust environment zone 21 and 22.

S6061SF-2.5Nm Fire Smoke Damper Actuator

Features of S6061SF-2.5Nm Fire Smoke Damper Actuator

  • ON/OFF or 0-10V
  • Shaft size up to 12*12mm
  • Two fixed auxiliary switches
  • With IP54 standard
  • Without Manuel Override
  • 72℃ thermal sensor is optional


Technical Datasheet of S6061SF-2.5Nm Fire Smoke Damper Actuator

Item S6061SF-2.5DF(S)/24V S6061SF-2.5DF(S)/230V S6061SF-2.5AF(S)/24V
Torque 2.5Nm
Damper area 0.5m2
Running time Motor 60~70S;spring return 25~30S
Power supply 24VAC/DC 50/60Hz;230VAC 50/60Hz
Operating Power Consumption 2.5W
At end stops Power Consumption 1.6W
Wire size 10VA 7VA
Weight 1.2 Kg
Control signal On/off 0~10V
Rotation angle 0~90°(Max 93º)
Auxiliary switch rating 3(1.5)Amp 250V
Life cycle 70000
Noise level 50dB(A) and 65dB(A)
Electric level
IP protection IP54
Ambient Temperature -20~+50℃
Ambient Humidity 5~95%RH
Storage temperature -40~+70℃
Certificate CE
72℃ thermal sensor S6061SF-2.5DF(S)/24V (yes) S6061SF-2.5DF(S)/220V (yes)
S6061SF-2.5DF/24V (no) S6061SF-2.5DF/220V (no)


Wiring Diagram of S6061SF-2.5Nm Fire Smoke Damper Actuator


Auxiliary switch of S6061SF-2.5Nm Fire Smoke Damper Actuator


S6061SF-2.5 series


Dimension of S6061SF-2.5Nm Fire Smoke Damper Actuator


72℃ thermal sensor

Including:environment( TS1 )and damper thermal sensor( TS2 );

when the temperature over 72℃, TS1 will be cut;

when the pipe temperature over 72℃, TS2 will be cut.


What is HVAC Air Duct Damper Actuator?

The Function of HVAC Air Duct Damper Actuator

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