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S6025 Fluid Level Switch

ExS6061NS-10/20/30 Explosion-proof Actuator

The product is designed to use in HVAC professionals, especially specialized in a dangerous environments, such as explosive air and dust.

Explosion-proof Mark Ex db ⅡB T6 T5 Gb Ex TB IIIC T85°C Db, Application zone 1 and 2 Dust environment zone 21 and 22.

ExS6061NS-10/20/30 Explosion-proof Actuator

Model Description of ExS6061NS-10/20/30 Explosion-proof Actuator




ExS6061NS-10DF/24V ExS6061NS-10DF/230V ExS6061NS-20DF/24V ExS6061NS-20DF/230V ExS6061NS-30DF/24V ExS6061NS-30DF/230V
Torque 10Nm 20Nm 30Nm
Damper Size 1m2 3m2 4.5m2
Power Supply AC220V AC24V DC24V 50/60Hz i ≤0.2A

AC220V 50/60Hz

Consumption 7W run/3W remain 10W run/3W remain 12W run/3W remain
Wire Size 10VA
Connection cable Power:1m cable 4*0.5 m2
Auxiliary Switch (F): 1m cable 6*0.5 m2
Running Time Motor≤150s
Angle of Rotation Max 93º
Position Indication Mechanical indicator
Weight 5Kg
Life Cycle ≥10000 cycles
Sound Level 50dB(A)
Protection Level Ⅲ(safety low voltage) Ⅱ(full insulation)
IP Protection IP66
Ambient Temperature -20~+60℃
Ambient Humidity 5~95%RH
Explosion-proof Mark Ex db ⅡB T6 Gb

Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db


Features of ExS6061NS-10/20/30 Explosion-proof Actuator

  • Single control
  • Form-fit 12x12cm shaft
  • Universal shift plug
  • Two auxiliary switches
  • Cast aluminum housing, compacting type
  • Safety meets IP66


Meet the Following Standard of ExS6061NS-10/20/30 Explosion-proof Actuator

IEC60079-0:2017, EN60079-0:2012+A11:2013

Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres,General Requirements

IEC60079-1:2014, EN60079-1:2007

Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres,Explosion-proof

Type: flame-proof


Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure “t”


Usage and Maintenance of ExS6061NS-10/20/30 Explosion-proof Actuator

  • The matching thread size of the cable joint and shell is M16 × 1.5, and the diameter of the cable is Φ 6 – Φ 8. The cable joint shall have an Explosion-proof certificate.
  • The tightening torque of the ground terminal is 2N. m, Tightening torque of Flameproof joint is 3.2N.m., External ground bolt M4X6, compressing 4mm² conductors.
  • It is strictly prohibited to disassemble or open the cover without permission, and do not open the cover with electricity; please do not open it in dangerous occasions; wipe it with wet cloth when opening it.
  • The interface shall be equipped with an explosion-proof certified cable gland and have compatible protection mode.
  • In addition to the use of the installation manual, during assemble, operation and maintenance, the operator shall comply with the requirements of EN 60079-14
  • The maintenance and repair shall meet the requirements of EN 60079-19.


Electrical connection and out line:

exs6061ns-10-20-30-explosion-proof-actuator_3 exs6061ns-10-20-30-explosion-proof-actuator_4


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