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Why is the Static Balance Valve Installed on the Return Pipe?

Why is the Static Balance Valve Installed on the Return Pipe?

Ⅰ. Installation of static balance valve

The static balance valve can balance the new water volume according to the proportion calculated by the design, and the branches after the valve increase and decrease proportionally at the same time, which still meets the flow demand of part load under the current climate demand and plays a role of heat balance.

Ⅱ. The reasons why the static balance valve is installed on the return pipe

1. In order to make the valve close more smoothly: it changes the flow resistance through the valve by changing the gap (opening) between the valve core and the valve seat, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the flow rate. The object of action is the resistance of the system.

2. Change the resistance: the balance valve is equivalent to a throttling element whose local resistance can be changed. For incompressible fluids, when the cross-sectional area of the balance valve is fixed and the pressure drop before and after the valve is constant, the flow through the balance valve changes only by the resistance of the balance valve.

3. The static balance valve is a commonly used balance product to determine the valve opening. It is suitable for systems where the heat source is the main variable flow rate, and adjusts the flow coupling between users.

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