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Why Choose Electric Actuator?

Why Choose Electric Actuator?

Compared with hydraulic and pneumatic products with the same function, electric damper actuators are more cost-effective, cleaner, easier to operate, and more energy-efficient, which can benefit users. The integrated design of the electric actuator is easier to be program-controlled, and the maintenance work is minimized. There is no need to change or lubricate parts unless it is under extreme conditions.

Electric damper actuator circuit design

1. The electric damper actuator is the driving device that mainly controls the driving valve. To put it simply, it controls the forward and reverse rotation of the valve. The first thing to consider is to select the size of the electric damper actuator motor according to the torque of the valve.

2. According to the customer's on-site technique requirements, the valve that whether is of a switch type or an adjustable type can be chosen. If it is an adjustable type and the adjustment is frequent, the thyristor must be used.

3. The stopping method is through the limit stop of the electric damper actuator, or torque stop. Each actuator must be equipped with a limit switch and a torque switch. If the limit stop is used, the torque switch is used as protection, and vice versa.

4. The switch type electrical control method is relatively simple, while the adjustment type requires potentiometer or Hall element for feedback, which can be designed in combination with PLC or single-chip microcomputer.

5. The power supply mode can be selected according to the power board.

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