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What is the Difference Between Electric Actuator and Damper Actuator

What is the Difference Between Electric Actuator and Damper Actuator

1. The function of the damper actuator

The key role of the damper actuator is that at the end of the heating system, it adjusts the room temperature according to the linkage with the temperature control device. If the total area in the room is large and two floor heating loops can be installed, then only a temperature controller in series with a damper actuator can be used to complete the temperature control function, which can save customers a certain amount of installation costs.

The damper actuator is a device in the automation technology tool that receives control information and exerts a control effect on the controlled object. It is also an instrument that directly changes the manipulated variable in the forward path of the control system.

The control damper actuator plays a key role in heating equipment. Customers should choose a reliable way when purchasing, so that the quality of the product can be guaranteed to a certain extent.

The control damper actuator is installed directly on the production site, and sometimes the working conditions are harsh. Whether it can maintain normal operation directly affects the safety and reliability of the automatic adjustment system.

2. The difference between electric actuator and damper actuator

An electric actuator is a drive device that can display parallel lines or enable fitness exercises. It uses a certain type of drive power energy and works under the action of a certain type of manipulation data signal.

The damper actuator is also called the electric heating temperature control panel. It is a newly upgraded and defined device used to automatically control the total flow and heat (cooling capacity) of the system over a long distance. It is suitable for heating in residential buildings, large shopping malls, and hotels and temperature control of household central air-conditioning.

The damper actuator is mainly used in the ground heating system to control the closing and opening of the pipeline. The damper actuator actually adopted in the diversity water device loop gate valve, small and medium-sized gate valve, and dynamic balance valve is part of the electric actuator. There is no noise during operation, and the connection and installation method of screw cap is simple, which is quick to install, and convenient to disassemble.

3. What are the advantages of the damper actuator compared with similar products

From a maintenance point of view, the damper actuator is easier to operate and calibrate than other types of actuators, and it can also be easily exchanged between front and back on the spot. Its advantage is safety, and when using a locator, it is ideal for hazardous environments.

When abnormal anti-deflection ability, high thrust and fast formation speed are required, damper actuators are often used. Because of the incompressibility of the liquid, the advantage of using the damper actuator is the better anti-deflection ability, which is very important for the adjustment of working condition, and when the adjustment element is close to the valve seat, the throttling condition is unstable. The larger the pressure difference, the worse this situation becomes. In addition, the damper actuator runs very smoothly and responds quickly, so high-precision control can be achieved.