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Three Types of Static Balance Valves

Three Types of Static Balance Valves

Static balance valve changes the valve flow resistance to balance the role of the flow of industrial valves through manual or double debugging and digital lock and other ways. The static balance valve with high cost performance directly balances the flow resistance of the system, and automatically calculates the proportional increase and decrease of each branch according to the amount of water, so that the heat balance makes the operation scheme under the load part. The  performance of professional static balance valve according to the different adjustment scheme,which is also reserved type space, are generall three types of distinction.

There are thee types of static balance valves:

1. Manual static balance valve

This type of stad balance valve are of solid element and less branch, which is facilitate for hydraulic work out the balance homework, or rather, only manual stad balancing valve can ensure consistent flow, These valves can efficiently adjust the opening space when the valve curve causes the front and rear valve dG/dC values of the valve weight to be offset in actual operation, It's equipped gauges are made of copper alloy with high corrosion resistance, which can display pressure differences, record balance schemes, and approach straight-line characteristics.

2. Self-operated flow control static balance valve

This type of static balance valve uses the setting principle of guide valve and the main valve hole plate, which can configure the differential pressure adjustment device in the guide valve and set  and control the flow action of the main valve, the valve is provided with straight pipe section to ensure flow accuracy and adjustable ratio when the flow pressure adjustment ratio of the orifice plate receives the infiltration of the underflow state. This type of static balance valve is esay to occur corrosion when the water content of the road ion is hign because the threaded pipe is immersed in the flow dead zone.

3. Self-operated differential pressure control static balance valve

This type of static balance valve is easy to consume excess pressure head system and close the interference of changing flow rate of temperature control valve between users, making the regulator valve operating in a small opening, besides, the free heat of this type of static balance valve can automatically control the redundant action between closed branches to maintain the stability of automatic process to make the system always in a robust state.

To sum up, according to the  control performance and use of stad balancing valve, stad balancing valve can be divided into the above models. How to choose a professional static balance valve is to follow these control functions to purchase, so as to get the appropriate product when purchasing static balance valve. These balance valves can generate and control free heat under static conditions, and automatically isolate unnecessary branch interference, safe and convenient.

The above is the "Three Types of Static Balance Valve" specific introduction, please continue to pay attention to our website if you want to know more about the static balance valve information, we will give you the most professional and detailed introduction. If you need our related products, welcome to consult, looking forward to communicating with you.