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The Main Advantages of Electrically Operated Ball Valve

The Main Advantages of Electrically Operated Ball Valve

1. The structure of the motor operated ball valve

Motor operated ball valve has different structures, such as single eccentric, inclined plate type, centerline type, double eccentric and triple eccentric. According to the function of the ball plate, the working pressure of the material is on the valve shaft and rolling bearing.

Therefore, when the fluid density of the high pressure caliber is large, the shaft diameter and the thickness of the ball plate increase correspondingly. The level of density analysis is more appropriate than the selection of ball valves.

2. What are the main advantages of motor operated ball valve

The main advantages of the motor operated ball valve are reliable sealing, long life, heat resistance, not easy to be damaged and torn with high-pressure working ability. Therefore, it has been used more and more in recent years, especially in the key part of engineering project system software.

If the design is produced with high quality, the vulcanized rubber soft-seal ball valve can obtain good sealing performance, and the large diameter can easily ensure that the ring can be replaced online. However, vulcanized rubber has the problem of embrittlement and can only be used under working conditions where the temperature is not too high. Therefore, motor operated ball valve is widely used in drinking water and water supply equipment.

Metallic sealed motor operated ball valve is also used in sewage treatment plants, condensers, extraction system software and heat transfer system software in power plants. Nuclear power plants also use motor operated ball valve for pressure shell protection, automatic spray systems, and brine. The crude oil refining system includes oil storage tank protection, steam supply and demand balance valves, flue gas desulfurization systems, and exhaust gas treatment, catalytic cracking and catalytic reaction modules.

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