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S6025 Fluid Level Switch

S6025 Fluid Level Switch

Key level regulator is a float switch produced under the license of MAC3 SPA of Italy. The design of the structure is simple ad rational.

S6025 Fluid Level Switch

Feature of S6025 Fluid Level Switch

  • Reliability and easy mounting. It can be used to start and stop automation of pumps, electrical control valves and alarms etc.

  • For water, waste and corrosive liquid. It also can be directly attached to a small drainage pump.

Type and Specification of S6025 Fluid Level Switch


Cable length


Motor load current

Resistive current

Operating room temperature

Electrical life

Mechanical life











2.5×105 times

Mounting and Wiring of S6025 Fluid Level Switch

  • Key can be connected with the controlling circuit of pumps.

S6025 Fluid Level Switch

  • The differential positions of liquid can be settled by the counterweight, which is ringed on the cable of key switch. The ring on the counterweight is designed for blocking the counterweight on the cable to set the positions.

  • Use wire black and blue for filling closes when down opens when up.

S6025 Fluid Level Switch

  • Use wire black and brown for empting opens when up closes when down.

S6025 Fluid Level Switch

Dimension of S6025 Fluid Level Switch

S6025 Fluid Level Switch

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