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Main Characteristics and Performance Introduction of Static Balance Valve

Main Characteristics and Performance Introduction of Static Balance Valve

Ⅰ. What is a static balance valve?

Static balance valve is a regulating valve with digital locking function, using DC type valve body structure, with better equivalent percentage flow characteristics to reasonably distribute the flow, effectively the room temperature uneven hot and cold problems in the heating (air conditioning) system.

A static balance valve can accurately adjust the pressure drop and flow rate to improve the liquid flow state in the pipe network system, to achieve the purpose of pipe network liquid balance and saving sources. The valve is equipped with an opening degree indication, an opening degree locking device, and a small pressure measuring valve for flow measurement.

As long as install the appropriate specifications of the static balance valve in each branch and user entrance, and lock after one-time commissioning with a special intelligent instrument, controlling the total water volume of the system within a reasonable range, the unreasonable problem of "large flow, small temperature difference" can be solved.

Ⅱ. The performance of the static balance valve

1. Excellent adjustment performance.

2. Excellent cut-off function.

3. Accurate to 1/10 turns of the number of open turns display.

4. The theoretical flow characteristic curve of static balance valve is equal percentage characteristic. And when the valve right degree is 30-50%, the actual flow characteristic is linear.

5. With the open degree lock function, non-management personnel can not change the set state.

6. Static balance valve can easily and effectively adjust the pressure and flow. Supporting intelligent instrumentation can easily display the working differential pressure and flow guide and record balance adjustment program.

7. Reliable sealing performance, long durability.

8. Calculate the flow rate through the valve.

9. Strong resistance against rust and corrosion.

10. The lift stem in the static balance valve needs no reserved operating space.

Ⅲ. The main features of the static balance valve

A static balance valve is a valve with a special function. Values have no special features, only differences in the use of functions and places. In some industries, as there is a large pressure difference or flow difference among the medium in various parts of the pipe or vessel, in order to reduce or balance the difference, values are installed between the corresponding pipeline or container to regulate the relative balance of pressure on both sides, or through the method of diversion to achieve a balance of flow. This kind of value is called a static balance valve.

1. Linear flow characteristics, that is, in the case of constant differential pressure before and after the valve, the flow rate is roughly linear with the opening degree

2. Static balance valve has a precise opening indication.

3. There is an opening locking device, non-management personnel can not change the opening. Table connection displays the differential pressure before and after the valve and the flow through the valve.

The static balance valve has many advantages and its role is to regulate the predetermined flow rate of each distribution point in the system. The installation of static balance valves at the entrance of each building allows for a reasonable distribution of the total flow of the heating system.

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