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How to Maintain the Electric Damper Actuator

How to Maintain the Electric Damper Actuator

1. Motorized damper actuator


The motorized damper actuator is a very common device nowadays. It is mainly composed of the damper and the electric actuator. It is used for  corresponding control of the air volume by controlling the opening degree of the damper, in the air supply system.


2. How to maintain the motorized damper actuator


(1). Lubricate regularly. Because the damper actuator needs to keep running for a long time, it is very easy to have some internal wear and tear. So it is necessary to operate lubricate oil, which can reduce some internal wear and tear effectively. These extend the service life of the product.


(2). Improve the environment. In order to ensure the motorized damper actuator can maintain relatively stable and reliable operation. It should be ensured that the product is used in some appropriate environments.


(3). Regular maintenance. It is necessary to regularly check the action of the motorized damper actuator. And eliminate some potential action hazards inside the product in time. So as to reduce the possibility of product failure effectively.


(4). Statistical records. In the process of inspection and maintenance of the motorized damper actuator, some hidden dangers of action are eliminated, and some faults have been removed. The corresponding detailed record of these conditions, including the cause of the fault, the phenomenon of the fault, and the method of troubleshooting need to be comprehensively recorded.


In this way, in the subsequent application of products, some data can be used as a reference to troubleshoot the faults of the motorized damper actuator quickly, which is very time-saving and convenient.