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How Is the Building Automatic Control System Composed?

How Is the Building Automatic Control System Composed?

Many electromechanical equipments are inherently interconnected, so it is necessary to improve the level of automation management. Establish an electromechanical equipment management system to realize the comprehensive management, dispatch, monitoring, operation and control of the electromechanical equipments. The three major elements of construction equipment management are management purpose automatic control, monitoring and measurement, and its purpose is to correctly learn the operating status, accident status and energy consumption and load changes of construction equipment. Especially after the use of electronic computers, it can save not only manpower, but also energy.

(1) Electrical equipment: The management of electrical equipment mainly focuses on monitoring the action status of machinery, measuring points and protection devices. The main object of management is to monitor the status of circuit breakers, transformers, contactors, fuse capacitors, etc. The measurement is mainly to measure the current, voltage, active power, reactive power and power factor of the power system.

(2) Air conditioning equipment: The management of air conditioning equipment should monitor the status of refrigerators, air conditioners, water pumps, etc. through air conditioning sensors; measure temperature and humidity, and adjust the temperature and flow of the cold and heat sources required by the air conditioning system.

(3) The automatic control of the construction equipment of the control function building is centered on the air conditioning control. The automatic control of the air conditioning system belongs to the automatic control of the general thermal process.

The automatic control of the air conditioning system of the building automatic control (including the hvac temperature sensorhvac humidity sensor, etc.) has the following advantages:

(1) It can improve the accuracy of the temperature and humidity control of the productive buildings and improve product quality, mainly improving people's comfort for residential and commercial buildings.

(2) It can increase or decrease the energy (heat or cold) of the system according to the change of the adjustment amount, thereby reducing energy consumption and saving energy.

(3) It can reduce labor intensity.