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Common Faults of Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor and Solutions

Common Faults of Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor and Solutions

Now many families will install air conditioning, which can make the family's life more comfortable. The air conditioning is generally equipped with an air conditioning temperature sensor inside, which can carry out intelligent monitoring of indoor temperature. So, what are the common failures of air conditioning temperature sensor and their solutions? Let's take a look at SOLOON's introduction and talk about air conditioning sensors.

Ⅰ. Air conditioning sensors - Common faults of the air conditioner temperature sensor

1. Air conditioning temperature sensor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, referred to as NTC. And its resistance value decreases with the temperature increase, increases with the temperature decrease. The resistance at 25℃ is the nominal value. Common faults of the NTC include resistance enlargement, open circuit dampness, mildew, resistance change, short circuit, poor contact with plugs and sockets, or leakage, which causes the abnormal voltage of the CPU detection terminal of the air conditioner and lead to air conditioner faults.

2. Air conditioning in the summer with the use of failure, this suddenly does not refrigerate the situation, which is the problem of air conditioning? Is the compressor broken? Or something wrong with the air conditioner? You might as well from the easy removal of the air conditioning temperature sensor to see whether it can not operate normally because of failure. What should we do if we do encounter an air conditioner sensors failure?

Ⅱ. Air conditioner sensors - Solutions for faults of the air conditioner temperature sensor

The air conditioning temperature sensor faults account for a large proportion of air conditioning faults. To accurately judge, we must first understand its function. There are three temperature sensors in the air conditioning control part:

1. Room temperature air conditioning sensors: mainly detect the indoor temperature, when the indoor temperature reaches the set requirements, control the operation of the machine inside and outside, refrigeration machine stop, machine continue to run, heating machine blowing waste heat stop.

2. Indoor tube temperature air conditioning sensors: mainly detects the coil temperature of the indoor evaporator, and play the role of anti-cold wind, anti-overheating protection, and automatic temperature control when heating.

3. Outdoor defrosting air conditioning temperature sensor: mainly detects the outdoor condenser coil temperature, when the outdoor coil temperature is lower than -6 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes, the internal machine turns to defrost state, when the outdoor coil sensor resistance value is too large, the indoor machine can not work normally.

The failure of the air conditioning temperature sensor will affect the normal use of the air conditioner. It is suggested that we must pay attention to the correct operation of the air conditioner to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner. Usually also should pay attention to the regular maintenance of air conditioning, regular fluoride, etc., to improve the service life of air conditioning.

The above is the specific introduction of "Air Conditioning Temperature Sensor Common Faults and Troubleshooting Methods". If you want to know more about air conditioning temperature sensors, please continue to pay attention to our website. We will give you the most professional and detailed introduction. If you need our products, you're welcome to consult. And we are looking forward to communicating with you.